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At Elite Teacher Academy our mission is to educate, elevate, equip, and empower K-12 educators to be highly effective classroom managers and engaging instructors so that they can decrease the achievement gap, engage and motivate all learners, eliminate low-level discipline infractions, build better relationships, and increase job-satisfaction.


Classroom Management (No Gimmicks Please)

The strategies presented during this workshop will increase the time educators spend on academics while at the same time empowering their students to take responsibility for their actions and achieve success.  Non-compliant students will learn to self-correct inappropriate behavior.

Differentiated Instruction (Engage and Motivate)

Students come into our classrooms with different backgrounds and cultures.  Stimulate academic interest and engage ALL students through lessons that are meaningful and relevant.  Participants will learn innovative strategies to reach the diverse learners in their classrooms

New Teacher Training (Induction Done Right)

Being a classroom teacher is more than managing students and creating awesome lesson plans.  Unfortunately, there are no college courses on how to survive the classroom.  This training will help new educators focus on what is important in their first few years of teaching.  Most importantly, it will provide practical tools novice educators can implement in the classroom before and after the students arrive on the first day of school.

Primary Science Workshop (Channel Your Inner Frizzle)

Science can be the class your students look forward to the most.  Learn how to channel your inner Ms. Frizzle and be an extraordinary Science Educator.  Create WOW lessons and assign rigorous projects that extend the learning and help students master the content.

Netflix n’ Chill Out: How to be a Highly Effective Educator by Watching More TV

This is the keynote address to motivate your teachers this school year.  This is “nacho” average motivational talk.  This talk includes hilarious references that tie in effective strategies to empower your teachers to:

  • Manage the classroom
  • Engage and motivate all learners
  • Survive in a fast paced and rigorous work environment

So, the question is…

What do your teachers need?  Are they struggling with classroom management?  Differentiated Instruction?  Do you have a new and eager group of new teachers?  Whatever your pain point is I can help them with it.

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