To educate, elevate, equip, and empower K-12 educators to be highly effective classroom managers and engaging instructors so that they can decrease the achievement gap, engage and motivate all learners, eliminate low-level discipline infractions, build better relationships, and increase job-satisfaction.

About Our CEO

Kewanta Brooks, a Sarah Lawrence graduate, is a teacher trainer, and classroom management and differentiated instruction specialist. She is an author, public speaker, and philanthropist.

Kewanta’s new book, “What Willy Wonka Taught Me About Parental Involvement: Tips to Become a Highly Effective and Engaging K-12 Educator” is written for educators who feel lost, and are looking for application based strategies they can implement right away; and for experienced educators who are looking to receive a refresher course on how to engage this new generation of students.

Kewanta works with educators across the country. She began her K-12 career as a self-contained classroom teacher in Houston, TX. After three short years in the classroom, Kewanta became the Teacher of the Year, a model classroom teacher, and a sought after instructional coach. Kewanta understands what it takes to work with a diverse group of students and help them grow.

“The best way for me to serve children is to be an educator. But, after my first two long months in the classroom, I wanted to give up and walk away forever. No amount of theory could prepare me for that shock. I discovered that theory alone could not make me a highly effective teacher. I needed to know what to say, what to do, and how to be.
Now, I can reach more students by training other educators to also be highly effective.”

Kewanta speaks at educational conferences all over the country. She conducts campus and district training in classroom management, differentiated instruction, new teacher training, and Elementary STEM.